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Re: building sections of the docs

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: building sections of the docs
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 17:25:59 -0700
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Graham Percival wrote:
On Sun, 06 Jan 2008 12:17:31 -0700
Paul Scott <address@hidden> wrote:

John Mandereau wrote:
Can I build just pitches.itely portion of the doc's?  If so how?
No, but you can build/clean only stuff in Documentation/user (or any
directory with docs) with these (mostly undocumented) incantations:

I'm following instructions at:

I'm trying to build to see the relationship between the source (.itely)
and the actual doc.  I'm very visual.  I don't necessarily need WYSIWYG
but I like seeing the output at some point.  I haven't made any changes
for the above reason.  Is a commit necessary to be able to build?
My favored command is:
cd Documentation/user/
make web
It gives the same failure.  I see that there is a but not
a config.make in the top directory.
I think this is translated into "make out-www www" or something
like that, but "make web" is simpler.  :)

When I am in Documentation/user the above makes give me:

address@hidden:~/lily/doc/Documentation/user$ make out=www local-WWW
../../make/stepmake.make:69: ../../config.make: No such file or
directory ../../make/toplevel-version.make:6: /VERSION: No such file
or directory

Where did you get the sources from?  I mean, is there a VERSION
file in the top level?

I may be able to track this down but there's probably someone who
recognizes the problem.


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