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Re: Help with git

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Help with git
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 19:43:16 +0200
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David Kastrup schrieb:
Till Rettig <address@hidden> writes:

How can I refer to the remote branch? If I say: git rev-parse
I get only the message that the revision is unknown, the same for


git rebase origin

and then you can do a git-format-patch origin afterwards (in case you
want all your commits on top of the origin).
Ok, I discoverd this "origin" and so I get obviously with rev-parse the current commitish. But if I do
format-patch I really get ALL patches of the last ..., about 250. I only wanted patches for my own commits.
Kind of what differs in my branch to "origin".


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