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Re: fonts mangling

From: Erlend Aasland
Subject: Re: fonts mangling
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 15:48:36 +0100

Some input to this problem:

With global staff size 20, everything is ok. When using other staff sizes, LP fails to find the correct feta-alphabet font, and therefore it's not included in the .ps and .pdf output. It seems that mf2pt1 gives the fonts wrong names, thats why LP fails to find them:

From build output:
Font metrics written on parmesan23.tfm.
189 output files written: parmesan23.33 .. parmesan23.221
Transcript written on parmesan23.log.

mf2pt1 is using the following font parameters:
    font_version:              001.000
    font_comment:              Font converted to Type 1 by mf2pt1, written by Scott Pakin.
    font_family:               parmesan22.45
    font_weight:               Medium
    font_identifier:           parmesan22.45
    font_fixed_pitch:          false
    font_slant:                0
    font_underline_position:   -45
    font_underline_thickness:  22
    font_name:                 parmesan22.45-Medium
    font_unique_id:            4956955
    font_size:                 22.3661270236613 (bp)
    font_coding_scheme:        asis

Font family, name and identifier should be 23, right?


On 20. jan. 2008, at 20:48, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

Yes, he has, and he made some other changes too;

Ah, ok.

I played a bit with git bisect, running "make clean && make" each
time, and found that at least one of these commits caused this font
selection problem: [...]

I'm abroad with a slow internet connection (and limited time) so I
won't be able to investigate this further the next days.  Han-Wen?

Well, mf2pt1 only creates PFAs, nothing else.

Huh!? after compiling with current Git, I see a lot of .pfb files in
mf/out, but no .pfa; is it the source of the problem?

A typo of mine, sorry.


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