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Re: Postponed Bugs #83 and #297: "a Someone Else Problem"

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: Postponed Bugs #83 and #297: "a Someone Else Problem"
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 02:19:43 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

Juergen (CC-d) is the person who wrote the ligature code, including
the one for the brackets.

Yepp, ages ago (around early 2002)...

I'm looking at the issues now, but there is something I don't understand.

The ligature events are implemented as 'command-event', like \bar and
\time, which fall in between the notes.    This is inconsistent with
start/stop commands like [ ] , but I can't really judge if that is the
best way to do it.

Hmmh, I don't understand. In Lily 2.7.x, in define-music-types.scm, LigatureEvent has "(types . (general-music span-event ligature-event event))", i.e. it is a SpanEvent, or am I missing something? In Lily 2.11.x, it is implemented as StreamEvent, due to Erik's changes. How is this related to "command-event" (which, btw, I could not find in the sources)?

For issue 297, I can change the formatting to end exactly on the last
note; would that solve the problem?  Juergen?

Probably yes, at least in many cases, as far as I understand.

2008/1/27, Robert Memering wrote
If this is the case, is there any chance I might
sponsor fixing this bug?

Speaking for me personally, it's more a problem of time lacking rather than of sponsoring (I even did not yet get acquainted with the git versioning system)... But there may be other people interested.

And, by the way, as I haven't been involved in
Lilypond development: Who is Juergen?

Me! :-)

(Oh, you are right, it's difficult to find me on the web, since my old home page unfortunately died a while ago; there is now a new one at


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