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Re: gcc 4.3

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: gcc 4.3
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 23:29:10 +0100

Le dimanche 02 mars 2008 à 04:02 +0000, Quentin Spencer a écrit :
> The upcoming Fedora 9 release will use gcc 4.3, and the most recent lilypond
> release in Fedora, 2.10.33, currently will not compile with gcc 4.3. Does 
> anyone
> know whether the most recent 2.11.x releases will compile with gcc 4.3?

It is the first time somebody asks this on the list, so we don't know.
I have no skill in C++, so I can't fix anything myself, but a complex
bug in LilyPond formatting caused by gcc 4.1.2 optimizations has just
been found (#540 in the tracker), so LilyPond hackers might be
interested by a (successful or not) report of latest Lily 2.11
compilation with gcc 4.3.

>  Also, I
> have not used 2.11.x before. Could anyone comment on the relative stability of
> recent 2.11.x releases?

The code seems to be at the end of the 2.11.x development cycle; from
the user point of view, it's quite usable, the core hackers are mainly
fixing bugs.  The documentation is completely overhauled under our
Documentation Editor's Grand Documentation Project, but this does not
disturb packaging at all.

You may also be interested in packaging Info documentation with images;
it's automatically installed with "make web-install" toplevel target in
case installation prefix is standard, otherwise make output explains how
to achieve it.  And I've made Info files install directly in Info
directory (e.g. $(prefix)/share/info), they are no more installed in
subdirectories.  Packages included in distributions are currently the
only way to distribute Info docs with images, which motivates this
little advertising :-)


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