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Julie: GUILE for Java

From: Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool)
Subject: Julie: GUILE for Java
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 17:38:53 +0100
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In the last 3 weeks I created the base for an R5RS Scheme interpreter written in Java, aimed at GUILE compatibility. It is quite basic yet, but I'm not very far from the point where I can start interpreting LilyPond input files as they are. Actually module support is what I have to implement until that. I hope you know what that means... syntax checking, autocompletion in Scheme parts, Wysiwym display etc. However, even to correctly parse LilyPond files I must implement LilyPond's exported interfaces, that is, Scheme procedures beginning with ly:, which are implemented as C++ functions. So definitely I won't be enough alone for this project to succeed. So if you are interested, or think that in the future at some time will be interested in helping/contributing, whatever, you can check the sources at

I think it would be good if I noticed you about it, even if you can't do much about this yet :-)


LilyPondTool is the editor for LilyPond files.

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