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Re: and two % begin verbatim lines

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: and two % begin verbatim lines
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:58:19 +0100

Le samedi 08 mars 2008 à 23:35 -0800, Graham Percival a écrit :
> Hi John,
> Could you check and ?  It adds
> an extra % begin verbatim  at the end of the file.  I fixed it
> manually, but the next time we do an LSR update it'll be broken
> again.

Fixed.  IMHO after this fix some snippets should be cleaned up for
better verbatim concision: moving \version to top of the file so it's
not printed in verbatim block, removing tagline="" stuff, and so on...


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