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Re: Problem lilypond-book and fragments with quote and line-width

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Problem lilypond-book and fragments with quote and line-width
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 06:26:27 -0700

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 18:38:58 +0100
Reinhold Kainhofer <address@hidden> wrote:

> About those URGENT tasks:
> 1) Bug in texi2pdf. I sent emails with an example to texinfo-bug.
> let's see how they respond.
> 2) Also bug in texi2pdf. Sent bug report.

Thanks, noted.

> 3) Sorry, but I don't understand that third item at all. What do you
> mean by "quoted"? 

Indented like the lilypond code.  For example, look at LM 3.1.2
Score is a...

(sorry about the large link)

Scroll down about one page, above the first graphical example.
The lilypond code is indented.

Now look one paragraph higher.  The lilypond code there, written
in texinfo in
\score @{
@end example

isn't indented at all.  According to the texinfo manual, @example
*is* supposed to be indented.

In the texi2html output, it might be indented slightly -- look at
NR Dynamics
(the #'minimum-length example)

If necessary, I suppose we could go through the all the docs and

@end examlpe
@end quotation

but that would be silly.  Can we fix @example, or define the
amount of indentation, or whatever?

> 4) You say:
> > "- some links in PDF show up as:
> >   "see user manual, (undefined)  [File structure], page (undefined)"
> >       while others are
> Apparently, only internal links are correctly expanded (the "Saving
> typing" points to a section of the same file and is written as @ref
> {..}, while the File structure points to the NR ans is written as
> @ruser{File structure}). All external references show up with
> "(undefined)".

Ok.  Is this unavoidable?  If so, that's fine; I just haven't
looked into it.  It might be a nice feature of texinfo, though;
it's probably worth an email to them asking for this.

> The same thing happens in the NR, the AU and the LM (in the glossary
> and the snippets I didn't see any ext refs): Internal links are
> display correctly, external are not. Also, in the NR, all "links" to
> snippets and the internal reference are no links at all (and quite
> useless in the PDF...)

For the snippets, that's easily fixed in macros.itely -- I think
we were waiting until the snippets pdf was reorganized.  I'm not
certain what the current status of that is -- John?

This is related to the "make a tarball/zip of all PDFs for download"
issue, but I think John's also interested in that one.

> 5) @subsubheading (for the "see also") and @unnumberedsubsubsec are
> both converted by makeinfo --html to <h5> tags in HTML, but they use
> different css classes:

That's fine for HTML, but the pdf output still sucks -- especially
since there's no "new page" or <hr> lines between portions.  The
subsubsection names are exactly the same as the "known issues and
warnings", which makes them not stand out.

I don't have any great ideas about this, because (like above) I
haven't really investigated it.  A few ideas:
- add the pdf equivalent of <hr> above subsubsections.
- change the texi2pdf conversion (if possible) to use latex
  \section{} for subsubsection titles.
- change the definition of @predefined @seealso @knownissues to
  avoid @subsubheading, and simply use @strong{} or something like
- ask the texinfo guys to add a @subsubsubheading macro.  (this
  might be getting a bit silly, though)

- Graham

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