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Re: \lyricsmode

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: \lyricsmode
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 10:35:40 +0100

Werner, you wrote September 02, 2008 9:31 AM

Would you also propose the same for \notemode, \chordmode, \drummode
and \figuremode?  The present names are consistent.

`lyrics' is a plural word!

Yes, but "lyric" is a perfectly good word, both
as a noun and as an adjective.  A lyric is a "verse
or poem susceptible of being sung to the accompaniment
of a musical instrument" (Britannica).

"Lyric" refers to the object - the verse or poem itself.
"Lyrics" refers to the words within the object.

In any case, these mode names are made-up words, so
grammatical rules don't apply to them.  I still prefer
consistency and no change - no "s".



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