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Re: documentation addition (tremolo beams)

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: documentation addition (tremolo beams)
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 23:06:34 +0100


Many thanks for the suggestion, and I agree it would be a useful addition to the docs. However, the way we add examples which use overrides is via snippets. If your suggestion is added to the LSR and tagged with 'repeats,docs' it will appear automatically in the Repeats snippet list in section 1.4. Even better, once in the LSR, I can easily add it as a Selected Snippet as part of Tremolo repeats.

Valentin, can you add this as a snippet, or shall we wait until Seba gets back?


----- Original Message ----- From: "Mark Polesky" <address@hidden>
To: <address@hidden>
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 7:34 PM
Subject: documentation addition (tremolo beams)

Hi all,

The vast amount of time it took me to figure out this simple solution inspired me to actually recommend some changes to the docs. Whoever's in charge of this,
feel free to edit it if needed. Thanks again for an awesome program.



In section 1.4.2 Short repeats::Tremolo repeats, after the fourth paragraph ("...two whole notes joined by tremolo beams."), I'd like to recommend these
2 new paragraphs:


Stemmed tremolos with open note-heads (appearing like half-notes) are normally typeset with beams that connect to the stems. Certain engraving styles typeset some of these beams as centered floating beams that do not touch the stems. The
number of floating beams in this type of tremolo is controlled with the
gap-count property of the Beam object:

 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }
 \override Beam #'gap-count = #1
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }
 \override Beam #'gap-count = #2
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }
 \override Beam #'gap-count = #3
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }

The size of the gaps between beams and stems is set with the gap property::

 \override Beam #'gap-count = #3
 \override Beam #'gap = #1.33
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }
 \override Beam #'gap = #1
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }
 \override Beam #'gap = #0.67
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }
 \override Beam #'gap = #0.33
 \repeat tremolo 8 { a'32 f' }

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