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fetaDynamic glyphs "p" and "f" don't align the same?

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: fetaDynamic glyphs "p" and "f" don't align the same?
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 10:40:01 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everybody,

The "f"s look center-aligned, but the "p"s look off to the left.
The same is true if you compare "ffff" with "pppp", etc. Is this
intentional? To my eye, it's ever-so-slightly distracting. What
do you think?

For the attached png, I ran the file below and added the vertical
lines later (not with LilyPond).


\version "2.11.58-2"

\new PianoStaff <<
\new Staff { \time 4/2 b'1\f b'1\p }
\new Staff { \clef bass \time 4/2 d1^\p d1^\f }


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