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Re: Three questions for ancient.itely

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Three questions for ancient.itely
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 21:51:39 +0100

Hi Eyolf,

2008/9/24 Eyolf Østrem <address@hidden>:

> 1. Is there a good reason why it takes the monstruous
> \override Staff.Accidental #'glyph-name-alist = 
> #alteration-mensural-glyph-name-alist
> to change the Accidental style of a piece, in contrast to the
> simple syntax for time signature and clef styles? Heck, even the flag style
> can be changed with a simple setting...
> IIRC, it used to be much simpler -- why this change? Any chance of a \set
> syntax?

I guess what you're after is something like this, which hides the
'glyph-name-alist changes using a callback which reads 'style:

\version "2.11.60"

#(define (glyph-name-alist-callback grob)
  (let* ((style (ly:grob-property grob 'style))
         (style-list `((default . ,standard-alteration-glyph-name-alist)
                       (hufnagel . ,alteration-hufnagel-glyph-name-alist)
                       (makam . ,makam-alteration-glyph-name-alist)
                       (medicaea . ,alteration-medicaea-glyph-name-alist)
                       (mensural . ,alteration-mensural-glyph-name-alist)
                       (vaticana . ,alteration-vaticana-glyph-name-alist))))

    (ly:assoc-get style style-list standard-alteration-glyph-name-alist)))

\relative c' {
  \override Accidental #'glyph-name-alist = #glyph-name-alist-callback
  \override Accidental #'style = #'mensural
  c cis d es
  \revert Accidental #'style
  e f ges g
  \override Accidental #'style = #'vaticana
  as bes b c


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