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Re: NR 2.8 Ancient music ready for review

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: NR 2.8 Ancient music ready for review
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 00:04:15 +0200 (CEST)

Very nice, I like the structure and your explanatory add-ons! Just a few nitpicking comments:

* 2.8.3 (Typesetting mensural music): "There are no rests in Gregorian chant notation; instead, it uses Divisiones." I would have expected this statement to appear somewhere in 2.8.4 (Typesetting Gregorian chant) instead.

* 2.8.4 (Typesetting Gregorian chant):

  * "... by placing one of the joining commands pes or flexa ..." => "...
    by placing one of the joining commands \pes or \flexa ..."

  * "... by modifying the shape of a single-note neume with \auctus and
    one of the direction markers \descendens or \ascendens, e.g.  \[
    \auctus \descendens a \] ...": Replace "\auctus" => "\auctum".  N.B.:
    From an implementation point of view, I felt the need to minimize
    redundancy in the input language and therefore only defined the
    neutrum form "auctum".  Maybe users prefer using the correctly
    declined forms?

  * FYI: defines also the commands \versus, \responsum,
    \ij, \iij, \IJ, and \IIJ that will produce the corresponding
    characters (e.g. for use in lyrics).  However, since these commands
    uses quite special unicode characters, they will only work with
    properly installed unicode fonts that support these characters.
    Unfortunately, to my knowledge there is no slashed "A" character
    available in unicode.  (As far as I know, all of these commands
    have not at all been documented so far.)

* 2.8.5 (Working with ancient music): When talking about incipits and Mensurstriche layout, maybe one could refer to Learning Manual A.5.1 (Transcription of mensural music) for a more comprehensive example.


On Wed, 1 Oct 2008, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Eyolf_=D8strem_ wrote:

The section on Ancient music is now ready for comments. It has been
completely rewritten and reorganized, so please have a look at it and
comment, correct, or criticize.

Here's a "changelog":

- The main change is that the general organization has been revised into
 two main sections: Gregorian chant notation and Mensural music. There was
 fairly little overlap between the alternative signs, which were mostly
 ancient, and the additional, which mostly belonged to the Gregorian
- The two ligature tables in the Gregorian section have been merged into
- There are still a few TODOs left, as well as missing cross references
 here and there, the odd example of bad formatting, etc. This is
 particularly true about the last section, which has not yet been written.
 I focused on the main text for this first round; there will be another
 round for this kind of formalities later on.


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