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Re: Fw: Vocal music

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Fw: Vocal music
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 22:51:19 +0100

Valentin, you wrote Thursday, October 02, 2008 5:43 PM

2008/10/2 Trevor Daniels <address@hidden>:

OK.  Below is one possible layout which seems to
work.  Most of the stuff is under "Common", as
all the lyrics-specific notation is common.  The
differences arise in how the lyrics are organised
in staves, in timing, etc.  These aspects go into
the separate "style" sections.

2.1 Vocal music
2.1.1 Common notation for vocals
      References for vocals
      Lyrics explained
      Aligning lyrics to a melody (all sections thereof)
      Working with lyrics and variables
      Spacing out syllables
2.1.2 Setting simple songs
      Setting simple songs (renamed)
      Stanzas (all sections thereof)
      Lead sheets
2.1.3 Part writing
      Divisi lyrics
      Centering lyrics between staves
2.1.4 Operatic scoring
      (Anything here you have found useful :)
2.1.5 Setting chants and psalms
      Lyrics independent of notes

I'm afraid you underestimated the volume of basic lyrics explanations :-)

There is no need for detailed explanations - this
is a reference manual.  Explanations belong in the
Learning Manual.  That said, I agree the section
would be too long.

"Aligning lyrics" and "stanzas" include many subsubsections, and I
don't think you want to see such titles as "Explicit syllables durations"

Indeed not.  The @unnumberedsubsubsec's can be
broken down by various other headings.  I've
used just plain italic bold text in some places.

I've taken all the sections from the present NR 2.1
and assigned them to the proposed layout, and added
a few more (Operatic scoring, hymns, lead sheets) to show how it might be
extended.  We don't have to
flesh all these out right away, of course, they can
just be left as @c TODOs for now.

Yes, I like this approach (which is not so different from the section
I entitled "specific uses of lyrics"). And I can certainly find some
opera-related stuff. But I do think we need to have ar least an
"entering lyrics" and an "aligning lyrics" section at the topmost
level of Vocal music. (Well, let's just say I don't see how else we
could proceed)

I have to agree with you that Common notation for vocals
is too long, and would be better split into at least two
sections.  Taking your idea a little further, what do you
think about

2.1.1 Common notation for entering lyrics
       References for lyrics
       Lyrics explained
       Working with lyrics and variables
2.1.2 Common notation for aligning lyrics
       Aligning lyrics to a melody (all sections thereof)
       Spacing out syllables
2.1.3 Setting simple songs
etc as before


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