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Re: Patch for stylesheets

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: Patch for stylesheets
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 10:37:30 +0200

2008/10/3 Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden>:
>> I'm simply suggesting that we should use (or there should be a)
>> Texi2XHMTL rather than Texi2HTML.
> Ahh, this is something *completely* different :-) XHTML is fine -- the
> closing tags (not necessary in HTML) are good for humans too, but XML
> is normally far too verbose.

In the handcoded pages (we have plenty) I vote to go towards XHTML.
Reason: good for humans. Another reason: we are nearly there, we have
begun closing <p> and <li> and even <br /> which BTW gives a warning
at the w3c validator.  <img /> and maybe a few others still left.

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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