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Re: PATCH: Arrowed accidentals for microtone notation

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: PATCH: Arrowed accidentals for microtone notation
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2008 20:13:46 +0200 (CEST)

Sorry for the late reply.

> How can I widen only the charbox without affecting the shape's
> width?

You must probably rewrite the code to not directly use `w', `d', and

> >   . The height and depth of all arrowed characters is a bit too
> >     large.  Why?
> What do you mean by "too large"? (I.e., with respect to what?)

Ideally, width, height, and depth values are as tight as possible.

> Are the heights of arrowed acidentals different from the regular
> ones?

Yes, if I remember correctly.

> more importantly, would these accidentals have a chance of being
> approved for the new version?

I don't see a problem to include them since it is a non-invasive
change, just adding stuff.  Consequently, the danger to break
something is very small IMHO (if at all).


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