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Re: \bigger and \larger: that's one too many

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: \bigger and \larger: that's one too many
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 10:42:54 +0200

2008/10/9 Dan Eble <address@hidden>:
> Moreover, if \bigger is cast out for being colloquial, how does teeny get a
> free pass?

Because it's cute? :-)

> But seriously, assuming one can remember the set of choices without
> consulting the manual, how can one remember which of \teeny or \tiny is
> smaller?  (The Wiktionary editors consider them synonyms.)

Don't know. As a non-English speaker, I learned about the "teeny" word
only by reading and translating LilyPond's doc.

> Wouldn't it be better to reduce the number of preset sizes by nixing \teeny
> too?  Users who really need shorthand for \teeny, \hardlyLegible, or
> \invisibleToTheNakedEye can define their own functions, after all.

That would be a compatibility break. Unless we have a convert-rule that turns

\tiny \small

but replacing one command with two commands is rarely the way to go...


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