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Re: showFirstLength

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: showFirstLength
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 21:30:48 +0200

2008/10/20 Reinhold Kainhofer <address@hidden>:

> Yes, simply do
> git-cl upload
> to upload a second (updated) patchset to the same issues already stored in
> your local branch (check that "git-cl issue" has an issue set for your
> current branch....).

Neat! Many thanks for the hint.

> I suppose you are working in a temporary branch anyway, are you? If not, you
> better do a "git checkout -b newbranchname origin/master" to create a branch
> and switch to it. You probably also need to adjust the issue<=>branch map
> in .git/cl-mapping to associate your new branch to the already existing issue
> (you don't usually do this manually, but you create the local branch before
> you upload an issue...).

Yes, I was working on a temporary branch but I deleted it and
recreated a new one to make the new patch. All I had to do was "git cl
issue <number_of_the_issue>" and it worked really great.


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