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Re: merging bookparts

From: Nicolas Sceaux
Subject: Re: merging bookparts
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 14:17:43 +0200

Le 25 oct. 08 à 12:36, Graham Percival a écrit :

Unless I'm misreading the last email thread, Nicolas has addressed
all the concerns about bookParts.  Could this patch be merged?
I'd really like to start playing with it.  :)

Well, I have another version of the patch that adresses also the
features that you'd like, that is part taglines and the like.

However, I'm facing some problems with respect to \paper nesting.
The way \paper block are currently built, the following would work:

\paper { ... paper defaults ... }

\book {
  \bookpart {
    \paper { ... paper overrides on top on paper defaults... }

that is, the bookpart \paper will inherit from the top-level \paper
blocks, as expected.

But the following won't:

\book {
  \paper { ... paper defaults ... }
  \bookpart {
\paper { ... paper overrides but not using the book paper defaults... }

that is, the bookpart \paper won't inherit from the \book level \paper
block, whereas it should.

So I have to make the way \paper blocks are initialized more general so that
a bookpart \paper block should inherit from the book \paper block (which
inherits from the toplevel \paper blocks).


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