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Patch for the stylesheets

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Patch for the stylesheets
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 14:25:55 -0700
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This patch includes some color changes, so that documentation passes
the WCAG for color contrast.  I have tried listening to everyone's
suggestions, and I hope this color scheme is a suitable compromise.
Other changes are listed in the commit summary.

Here is a sample page:

Open issues for the documentation, with regard to CSS, are:

** Using `overflow: auto' for div#main breaks the browser's `Back'
functionality when in-page anchors are clicked.  I don't have a
solution for this yet.

** The current layout proportions only work for certain resolutions.
Ideally, the CSS should adapt for high-resolution and low-resolution
displays to maintain a more consistent look.

I am probably missing some issues, but these ones stand out most to


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