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Re: Git: to merge or not to merge.

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Git: to merge or not to merge.
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 12:27:59 -0000

Francisco Vila  Monday, October 27, 2008 11:03 AM

2008/10/27 Trevor Daniels <address@hidden>:
Sometimes there is another commit in between and therefore I cannot
fast forward, but I deal with it by preparing a patch, resetting, and
applying it afterwards.

I think cherry-pick will do this for you automatically, and
with less effort if you use gitk.

Thank you Trevor, could you show me an example?
Suppose I'd have the two branches freshly pulled, and I wanted to
update a file after some changes in master.

I could: merge master, update my file, edit the committish of that
file to the merge commit, and push.
Or, I could first update my file, the merge master, then edit the
committish, then push. This makes the time in between shorter and
that's what I usually do. How does cherry-pick apply here?

Cherry-pick doesn't help here.  What I meant was, cherry-pick
automates the manual process you described above to skip a commit
when there is another unwanted commit inbetween.


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