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Re: LSR and updates

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: LSR and updates
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 20:55:12 +0100

On 2008/10/29 19:22 +0200, Till Rettig wrote:
> John Mandereau schrieb: 
> > It would be even simpler for me to add input/texidocs/*.texidocs by
> > default to "make check-translation" (remember you can always set the
> > files to be checked with CHECKED_FILES makefile variable).
> >   
> Wouldn't this require to have the commitish number?

You're right. It will be complicated to handle this: we need one
committish per language.  Thus .texidoc files should be formatted like

%% Translation of GIT committish: <COMMITTISH FOR SPANISH>
texidoces = { bla }
doctitlees = { foo }

%% Translation of GIT committish :<COMMITTISH FOR LANGUAGE ll>
doctitlell = { gaz }
texidocll = { baz }

Francisco, Till, it would be cool if you could add committish like above
for your translations in input/texidocs, so check-translation keeps
working when I add these files.


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