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Re: Proposal for resolving Half/Quarter note ambiguity on pure tablature

From: Ricdude
Subject: Re: Proposal for resolving Half/Quarter note ambiguity on pure tablature staves (with partial code mod)
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2009 01:19:17 +0000 (UTC)
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Valentin Villenave <v.villenave <at>> writes:
> 2009/3/4 Ricdude <ricdude <at>>:
> > Neil Puttock <n.puttock <at>> writes:
> >
> >> If you have a look at the News page for version 2.12, you'll see two
> >> examples of custom flags, which could easily be adapted to override
> >> the default behaviour just for minims.
> >
> > Perhaps we have different definitions of "easily" ;)
> I think he meant "... for a developer" :)

"for a lilypond developer", and I'm with you. ;)

> Neil, shall I open an issue about this?
> Ian, Dana, and others: if I may, perhaps this would be the appropriate
> time for some scanned samples of ancient or modern scores
> demonstrating this use...

The effect I'm going for is similar to the following, only the "flags" on the
half notes should be connected to the stems, go to the right, and probably be a
little shorter in length...  

half=\mark \markup { \draw-line #'(2 . 0) }

\score {
  \new TabStaff {
    \set TabStaff.minimumFret = #7
    r1 | r1 | \half d'2 \half g'2 | b'4 \half c''2. ~ | c''1 ~

Would someone knowledgeable be so kind as to assist me in achieving this effect?

I assume it will revolve around creating a custom flag specification that draws
the line, and reverting to the default flag if the duration is not a half (or
augmented half), and I'd still like to use the default beaming behaviour, but
I'll have a hard time figuring out how to express all of that in scheme...

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