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Re: type-check list in NR 6.1.1 (was: Time to retire Dynamic_engraver?)

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: type-check list in NR 6.1.1 (was: Time to retire Dynamic_engraver?)
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 18:08:12 -0700 (PDT)

Carl D. Sorensen wrote:
> Well it might require some serious hacking.  But it ought to be possible to
> create a python script to do your regex search (and maybe even eliminate the
> duplicates).  This could be stored as a .scm file that defines a list of
> ly:predicates.
> Then, there could be a .ly file that would:
> load the list of predicates (using Scheme)
> for each of the predicates, see what the current definition is to obtain the
> argument count.
> Build an alist of (arg-count . predicate-symbol->string)
> Sort the resulting alist.
> Display the sorted alist in appropriate form for the manual.
> This .ly file could then be run through a perl script to send the console
> output to a text file, and strip the lilypond-output part of the text file,
> leaving only a text file that could be included in the documentation.  This
> file would be classified, not by functionality, but by number of arguments.
> Alternatively, a new .scm file (similar to define-grobs.scm or
> define-grob-interfaces.scm) could be created:  define-predicates.scm.  This
> would define an alist of predicate types and predicates, and any predicates
> that were found by your routine and were not included in the
> define-predicates alist would be classified as "Other" or "Unknown".
> BTW, the full list of predicate types shouldn't go in NR 6.1.1, but instead
> in an appendix to the NR.
> I think this is a great project, and hope that you'll be able to complete
> it!

I don't know python, nor do I expect to start learning it in the
near future... All of the type-checks are already listed in IR 4,
so perhaps a more reasonable solution would be to add a note and
a link to IR 4 within the text in NR 6.1.1

- Mark


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