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Re: lilybuntu confusion

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: lilybuntu confusion
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 07:59:08 -0700 (PDT)

Carl D. Sorensen  wrote:>
> > Yep, sounds good. Would you prefer that I send text for review
> > and then create the patch when we like it, or should I just
> > create a patch to be reviewed?
> You're a Doc editor, so why don't you just create a patch.  I'll
> review it once it's created.

Jon, sorry if I upset you with my "grievances" yesterday. Just so
you know, Bertalan Fodor graciously helped me off-list and things
seem back to normal, so there's no need to worry.

And thank you for the .iso and the great work you put into it! A
few glitches on my (temperamental) computer shouldn't diminish

But as not-somebody-not-Mark, I'd like to make one tiny suggestion.
I think it would be helpful if no step was omitted. Assume the
reader has *no* context to understand the consequence or relevance
of any step.

For example, when you say "allocate memory and so forth", that's
about 5 steps that could be spelled out.

1) Memory: use the recommended base size of 384 MB?
   * are there system requirements for compiling LilyPond?
   * Do I need more RAM to compile the program than I would to
     compile just the docs?
   * I initially selected 384, but then VirtualBox warned me that
     384 MB is more than 75% of all my RAM (I'm on an older
     computer with only 504 MB RAM). That would've left 120 MB for
     everything else and the warning said that was a bad idea. But
     I didn't know what to lower it to, or if I could lower it at
     all. So I changed the 384 to 200. I still don't know if it

2) Boot Hard Disk (Primary Master): select
   Create new hard disk: select

3) Storage type: Dynamically exapanding storage?

4) Virtual Location Disk Location: use recommended location

5) Virtual Location Disk Size: use recommended (8 GB)?
   * Does compiling LilyPond require more/less?
   * What if I only want to allocate 2GB (hypothetically)?
   * If I select 8GB, it'll start at the base size in expand
     dynamically anyway, right? It would be good to understand

Hope this helps.
- Mark


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