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Re: lilybuntu confusion

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: lilybuntu confusion
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 10:56:46 -0500
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Mark Polesky wrote:
Carl D. Sorensen  wrote:>
Yep, sounds good. Would you prefer that I send text for review
and then create the patch when we like it, or should I just
create a patch to be reviewed?
You're a Doc editor, so why don't you just create a patch.  I'll
review it once it's created.

Jon, sorry if I upset you with my "grievances" yesterday. Just so
you know, Bertalan Fodor graciously helped me off-list and things
seem back to normal, so there's no need to worry.

No worries, wasn't upset at all, just concerned that your system got borked.

And thank you for the .iso and the great work you put into it! A
few glitches on my (temperamental) computer shouldn't diminish

But as not-somebody-not-Mark, I'd like to make one tiny suggestion.
I think it would be helpful if no step was omitted. Assume the
reader has *no* context to understand the consequence or relevance
of any step.

Sorry, Mark. After seeing your prodigious scheme hacks I just assumed you were leagues ahead of me. :)

Bert and Carl have already responded to the specific points below and I'd second what they said.

What I'll do in the CG is make recommendations on specs such as amount of RAM, disk space and so forth, but I'm hesitant to go through step-by-stem for installation of a virtual machine, since 1) that would mean we throw our lot in with a specific virtualization tool (I use VirtualBox, and so do others, but there are other tools that will do just as well or maybe better); and 2) I'd be duplicating stuff from the VirtualBox manual, which is a better place to learn about the installation of VMs and the various things you have to do to get them set up how you want them.

What I can say in CG is that this whole process is known to work well on VirtualBox, and maybe make a reminder to install "guest additions" to get fullscreen if one is using VBox. For virtualization tools, I'd say refer to their manuals and I could even link to a couple of them online.


For example, when you say "allocate memory and so forth", that's
about 5 steps that could be spelled out.

1) Memory: use the recommended base size of 384 MB?
   * are there system requirements for compiling LilyPond?
   * Do I need more RAM to compile the program than I would to
     compile just the docs?
   * I initially selected 384, but then VirtualBox warned me that
     384 MB is more than 75% of all my RAM (I'm on an older
     computer with only 504 MB RAM). That would've left 120 MB for
     everything else and the warning said that was a bad idea. But
     I didn't know what to lower it to, or if I could lower it at
     all. So I changed the 384 to 200. I still don't know if it

2) Boot Hard Disk (Primary Master): select
   Create new hard disk: select

3) Storage type: Dynamically exapanding storage?

4) Virtual Location Disk Location: use recommended location

5) Virtual Location Disk Size: use recommended (8 GB)?
   * Does compiling LilyPond require more/less?
   * What if I only want to allocate 2GB (hypothetically)?
   * If I select 8GB, it'll start at the base size in expand
     dynamically anyway, right? It would be good to understand

Jonathan Kulp

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