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Re: Issue #612 still not fixed

From: Chris Snyder
Subject: Re: Issue #612 still not fixed
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 00:48:52 -0400
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Joe Neeman wrote:
> The problem IIRC is that the solution I had suggested to Chris wasn't
> acceptable (with good reason) to Han-Wen. Chris understandably doesn't
> seem too keen on throwing his work away and starting again with another
> idea of mine.

Part of the reason I haven't followed up yet is because of the initial
discouragement, but right now it's mainly due to lack of time - I have a
home improvement project that's gone far longer than it should have, and
I'm exhibiting at a couple of American Guild of Organists conventions
for my company (I frequently hear comments about the quality of the
engraving, BTW). I'm still intending to follow up on it at some point,
but I don't see myself having much available time until August.


Chris Snyder
Adoro Music Publishing
1-616-828-4436 x800

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