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doc for convert-ly

From: -Eluze
Subject: doc for convert-ly
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 01:45:44 -0700 (PDT)

i had another look at the documentation for convert-ly and i think it should be strenghend and reduced to the really relevant information and functions - for instance i have never used the --to or the --no-version option - and a short overview of how to specify filenames (which could also be used for the other converting routines written in python).

in fact i believe that the simple invocation (convert-ly -e is good for nearly all purposes. my proposal therefore is this reduced text with examples:

3.4.1 Invoking convert-ly


convert-ly[.py] [-option(s)] [filename.ext] [filename.ext]


-e, --edit   edit in place; this also creates a backup file (with "~" appended to the extension) *

-f, --from=VERSION   use this starting version - this is needed if there are files with no \version - typically \include files.

Other options may be of interest for development or special cases and can be viewed with the command convert-ly -h or just convert-ly.


The filename can be entered directly or with wildcards (* or ?); if it contains blanks it has to be enclosed in triple double quotes e.g. """name with"""

If a full path is entered there is no need to change to the directory of the file to be converted.


convert-ly -e
convert-ly -e *.ly    converts all lilypond files in a directory
convert-ly -e Bach*.ly    converts all lilypond files beginning with "Bach"
convert-ly -e """C:\my lilypond scores\Chopin\Grande"""    using the full path containing blanks as well as the filename.

Specials ...

convert-ly is not limited to the extension ".ly".

Beware: applying 2 conversions consecutively will overwrite the first backup! May be it is a good idea to backup your files and folders yourself!

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