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From: Graham Percival
Subject: Documentation/essay/
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 21:43:11 -0700
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Is anybody familiar with the monstrosity that is the
makefiles/stepmake build system in LilyPond?

I've split the essay away from LM 1, because it never belonged
there, and the website redesing had a nice place for it on its
own.  I hacked up the GNUmakefile until it compiled, but I'm not
certain I did it right.

1)  Could you check Documentation/GNUmakefile,
Documentation/user/GNUmakefile, and

2)  Once that's done, I'll split off the other manuals, so that we
only have one manual per directory.  I'll use whatever makefile we
end up with in essay/ and devel/ as guides for those other

3)  How would separate files affect cross-linking?  And do we want
to put any shared files (macros?) in Documentation/, instead of
copying them around all the time?

4)  How does this affect the translation infrastructure?

Does anybody have a preference for the directory names?  I'm
learning/ glossary/ essay/
notation/ snippets/ **** (to be renamed)
faq/ changes/ internals/

changes/ would be the current NEWS document.
snippets/ actually would have to wait for a second round, when I
tackle the input/ dir.  So that's not on the table quite yet.

Also, does anybody want to take over this job, so I can spend more
time on other stuff on my list?

- Graham

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