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Re: improving NR B.6 "The Feta Font"

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: improving NR B.6 "The Feta Font"
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 19:25:20 -0700 (PDT)

Neil Puttock wrote:
> I like it.  Though it sacrifices a bit of maintainability, I
> think it's worth it when it looks so good.
> One thing I don't like is the (begin ...) form though, especially
> since there's no indentation for the helper functions inside.

I would've been shocked had you not mentioned it.

> Don't forget to include the petrucci and (neo)mensural glyphs. ;)

you are the most thorough developer here. You find every last
little mistake, even in the most complicated situations. It's

Carl Sorensen wrote:
> I like it a lot.
> Could the appendix be replaced with multiple snippets, each of
> which includes the main .ly you've written and then prints out
> only a piece of the list?
> That way, the headings would be in texinfo, instead of in
> lilypond markup.

Actually, I had that exact thought, but I couldn't figure out how
to do that. Certainly this wouldn't be done through,
right? It would have to be notation-appendices.itely, right? Could
you point me in the right direction? Show an example of how I would
make the first snippet?

Also, you guys don't mind that I got shape-note-noteheads the lazy
way? And no objections to the helper functions? I was also unable
to figure out how to simplify the repetitive markup stuff:

\markup \group-heading #"clefs"
\markuplines \override-lines #'(word-space . 4)
             \doc-chars #clefs

\markup \group-heading #"time signatures"
\markuplines \override-lines #'(word-space . 4)
             \doc-chars #timesig


I was imagining some cool markup trick like this:

  #`(("clefs"           . ,clefs)
     ("time signatures" . ,timesig)
     ("accidentals"     . ,accidentals)

But maybe it's a moot point if we agree texinfo-headings are
better. Do we all agree... Neil?

- Mark


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