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Re: GUB test file naming

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: GUB test file naming
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 10:12:06 +0200

On za, 2009-07-11 at 00:16 -0700, Graham Percival wrote:

> The file: uploads/lilypond-2.13.4-HEAD.test-output.tar.bz2
> clearly doesn't match the "m = (..." line.  What I can't
> understand is *why* the script is searching for such a string...
> or alternately, *why* does GUB give the test output a filename
> that doesn't match what the later script is expecting?

Me neither.  I never used the test feature in GUB.  I think
something must have changed, somewhere.

> PS if you're wondering how I managed to make any releases, the
> answer is that after some combination of makes, renaming files,
> deleting files, etc; the problem goes away.  However, since I
> can't figure out which step(s) fixed it, this is hardly a
> permenant solution.

Interesting.  Possibly this answers how Han-Wen made releases.
I'd just change the regexp and add "HEAD\." [or even "(HEAD\.)?"]
and see when that breaks ... that could give more understanding
if it isn't a full fix :-0

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