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Re: improving NR B.6 "The Feta Font"

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: improving NR B.6 "The Feta Font"
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 13:31:10 -0700 (PDT)

Patrick McCarty wrote:
> Rechecking your patch, it did in fact have DOS line endings.
> So, I changed them to UNIX line endings in Vim:
>   :set ff=unix
> and then it applied cleanly.  Maybe something happened between the
> creation of the patch and sending the email that changed the line
> endings.
> I've pushed your patch.

Thanks, Patrick. I looked into the CR/LF stuff, and I think
I figured it out. I used a different editor this time, and 
it was set to DOS line endings. Hopefully this won't happen

- Mark


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