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problem with ties

From: Chris
Subject: problem with ties
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 22:56:08 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi - 

I'm having a problem getting a chord to tie over a barline in a two-measure 
segment of music with two voices.  Essentially, in m.1 of the section, voice 1 
has a hidden rest, then in the second measure there are 3 half notes (it's 
in 3/2 time).  These show up fine.  

In voice two, there is a chord that ties over the barline between m.1 and 2 of 
the segment.  The chord has three notes.  I can get ties to show up on the 
bottom two of the three notes in the chord, but for whatever reason, the tie 
connecting the top notes in the chord (over the barline) never shows up.  
I've put tildes in the file in various places - on each note in chord one, 
outside of the < > brackets of chord one, and I've added/removed the barline 
character - but nothing seems to work.  I can't find documentation on this 
problem in any of Lilypond's help files either.  

Any feedback that you could give would be much appreciated.


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