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Re: SVG status update

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: Re: SVG status update
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 18:27:31 +0900

Hi Patrick,

>> Ah, okay. That's what I though. Out of interest: At the time when
>> these elements get written into the SVG file, do they know about their
>> mutual relationships? E.g., does a beam know which note heads it
>> belongs to (or vice versa)?
> No.  The closest thing the elements possess that relates to this is
> their *grob cause*.  For example the NoteHead grob is often the grob
> cause for the "noteheads.s2" glyph.

OK, thanks for the explanation. I seem to remember that some time ago
I was in a similar situation, where I wanted to find out some
elements' parent(s) from my code but was unable to, probably for
precisely this reason. Do you happen to know at what stage of the
engraving process elements are aware of their mutual relationships,
just in case I stumble across this problem again in the future?

> That's possible, but it would be much easier to insert comments based
> on the "grob cause" mentioned above.
> It would look something like
>  <!-- NoteHead -->
>  <path transform="translate(...) scale(...)" d="..." />
> Would that be reasonable?

Sure. But as I said, as far as I'm concerned you don't need to spend
time on this right now (you've got lots of other things to do, I
suppose). It may even be the case that some people don't want the
comments in their files because they blow up the file size. But in
case we want to have automatic grouping in the future (either natively
or via some postprocessing) it's good to know that inserting comments
like this is an option.


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