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Re: Syntax changes in translated documentation

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: Syntax changes in translated documentation
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:23:52 +0200
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Le 11/07/2009 15:36, Carl Sorensen disait :

OK, so I'm making syntax changes in autobeaming for LilyPond.

I've worked through rhythms.itely and input/lsr (and I'll soon work through

Now my make doc is failing because of snippets in /de/user/rhythms.itely
that use the old syntax and have, in many cases, been removed from

What shall I do?

I can see perhaps two options:

1) Manually edit all of the lang/user/rhythms.itely files (aarghh!)
2) Write a convert-ly rule and manually run all of the
lang/user/rhythms.itely files through convert-ly.  Then I'll probably
still have to manually edit all of the rhythms.itely, because the rule will
be a NOT_SMART rule.

I think I favor option 2 (although I haven't written the rule yet).

Any hints from the devel team as to how to best accomplish this?  I looked
in the CG (thanks, Graham ;)  but couldn't find anything describing how to
deal with this circumstance.



Hi Carl,

Sorry to bother with this :

I pushed on Saturday evening a fully translated rhythms.itely into French. It resides only on the lilypond/translation branch in order to be proof-read before merged into "master".

I might try, though I consider it /not so smart/, to apply your your changes to this updated version.

Let me know what is your preference in this matter...

I'm going back to updating the "web" branch.


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