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Re: LM Errata

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: LM Errata
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:19:33 +0100

Jonathans and Max

Many thanks for the help on the LM.  I'm
applying your changes at the moment.  A few
comments below.

I'm not sure about "mesh" vs. "match".  "Mesh" has a lot of other
meanings which could cause confusion, so maybe there's a better term or
phrase to use there.

I don't like "mesh" or "match", so I changed the
sentence to:

"The C++ language forces a certain method of grouping
rules that cannot readily be applied to formatting
music notation."

Automated Engraving

The first lilypond example in this section is missing.

Do you mean the one introduced with "Here you see two
chords, with accents and arpeggios"?  If so, it seems
to be present on the kainhofer server.

What symbols to engrave?

The third example in this section is missing.

Again, it is there on kainhofer.

How are you viewing these graphics?


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