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Re: accessing accidentals with \tweak

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: accessing accidentals with \tweak
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:19:50 -0700 (PDT)

Mark Polesky wrote:
> Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work. See attached PNG and
> console output below. When using this "indirect" tweaking method,
> only the *last* tweak affects the typeset output. The desired
> output in the example below is to have both E-naturals colored red
> and reduced in size. The first one is reduced but not colored; the
> second one is colored, but not reduced.

Okay, I figured out a way around this -- by passing an property-alist to
the 'before-line-breaking tweak, I was able to get all the accidental
modifications done in one tweak (see "modify-accidental" below). I've
also included an improved suppress-accidental callback that I think
could be added to the source.


\version "2.13.2"

#(define (modify-accidental note-grob prop-alist)
  ;; notehead before-line-breaking callback
  (let ((accidental (ly:grob-object note-grob 'accidental-grob)))
    (if (not (null? accidental))
          (lambda (x)
            (ly:grob-set-property! accidental (car x) (cdr x)))

#(define (suppress-accidental note-grob)
  ;; notehead before-line-breaking callback
  (let ((accidental (ly:grob-object note-grob 'accidental-grob)))
    (if (not (null? accidental))
        (ly:grob-suicide! accidental))))

\relative { 
  <\tweak #'before-line-breaking #suppress-accidental c!
   \tweak #'before-line-breaking
     #(lambda (grob)
        (modify-accidental grob `((font-size . -3)
                                  (color . ,red)))) e!>


So, I guess I can't complain, because all of the functionality I need is
now accessible. My only gripe is that this is a lot of typing. Could a
special property be devised that would automate this? Something like:

\relative { 
  \tweak #'tweak-accidental #`((font-size . -3) (color . ,red)))) e!>

Or is there some other way of reducing all that code?

- Mark


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