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more code-cleanup patches

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: more code-cleanup patches
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 00:25:31 -0700 (PDT)

Are these two patches okay to apply?

I have a question about the second one.

Starting on line 845 in define-grob-properties.scm, there is a group
labeled "grobs & grob arrays", and of the 60 or so properties there, all
of them have type ly:grob or ly:grob-array, except the following nine.
Should these nine properties be moved to the section labeled "other"
starting on line 951?

     ;; grobs & grob arrays.  (alphabetical)
     (accidental-grobs ,list? "An alist with @code{(@var{notename} .
@var{groblist})} entries.")
     (adjacent-pure-heights ,pair? "A pair of vectors.  Used by a
@code{VerticalAxisGroup} to cache the @code{Y-extent}s of different column

     (bar-extent ,number-pair? "The Y-extent of the actual bar line.
This may differ from @code{Y-extent} because it does not include the dots in
a repeat bar line.")

     (cross-staff ,boolean? "For a beam or a stem, this is true if we
depend on inter-staff spacing.")

     (forced ,boolean? "Manually forced accidental.")

     (glyph-name ,string? "The glyph name within the font.")

     (important-column-ranks ,vector? "A cache of columns that contain
@code{items-worth-living} data.")

     (note-columns ,pair? "A list of @code{NoteColumn} grobs.")

     (pure-Y-offset-in-progress ,boolean? "A debugging aid for catching
cyclic dependencies.")

- Mark


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