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Future work on Music Glossary

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Future work on Music Glossary
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 08:08:45 +0100

Hi Kurt

Graham has asked me to take over his role in updating the LilyPond Music Glossary - i.e. prompting for editorial changes to be made, receiving changes and updating the files in git. Not being musically competent, I do not intend to make any editorial changes myself.

There are a number of changes and additions waiting to be made.

As you have made all the editorial changes in the recent past could you please let me know

a) whether you are willing to continue actively,

b) if you are, whether you would prefer to remain exclusive English editor, or if you would like help.

Then, regarding the mechanics:-

c) Are you git-enabled, i.e. able to fetch files from Savannah?

d) If you are, are you able to create patches?

I notice that some terms have not been translated into all the languages. How is this translation triggered? Do we need to recruit help?

Finally, what became of the offer to add Hungarian to the glossary?


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