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Possible bug with system-count

From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: Possible bug with system-count
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:08:48 +1000
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Hi Joe,

You may already be aware of this issue, but I'll report it anyway.

I'm currently typesetting a piece that should comfortably fit two
systems to a page. For consistency's sake I've added system-count = 2 in
the \layout block. I've added a minimalish file atthe bottom of this
message. When I compile it I get the following output:

| lilypond /home/cameron/temp/
| GNU LilyPond 2.13.2
| Processing `/home/cameron/temp/'
| Parsing...
| Interpreting music... [8][16][24][32][40][48][56][64][72][80][88][96]
| Preprocessing graphical objects...
| Calculating line breaks... 
| warning: cannot find line breaking that satisfies constraints
| Drawing systems... 
| Solving 1 page-breaking chunks...[1: 1 or 2 pages]
| Drawing systems...
| Layout output to `'...
| Converting to `./systemcount.pdf'...
| Compilation finished at Tue Jul 21 09:53:19

With system-count = 2  I notice several things:

1) I never get more than three systems. The third system will simply run
off the page. Experimentation with other values for system-count
suggests the total number of systems in the piece will be the specified
system-count plus one and the final system will not line break.

2) If there is a lot of room on the page the third system will appear on
the first page anyway. Try commenting the << and >> out to see what I

3) If I unset system-count, everything works normally.

Here's a somewhat minimal example of a file that displays this:

\version "2.13.2"

notes = \relative c''{
  \repeat unfold 100 {a b c d}

  \new GrandStaff{
      \new Staff{
      \new Staff{
      \new Staff{
      \new Staff{
      \new Staff{
    system-count = 2


Hope this helps,


Cameron Horsburgh


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