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Feature request: 'line' articulation

From: Michael Käppler
Subject: Feature request: 'line' articulation
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 10:00:45 +0200
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Hi all,
after transcribing some baroque vocal and instrumental pieces I noticed that one articulation sign is used very often, but not provided by lilypond. It looks simply like a line, vertically placed above the note head. One could confuse it with the \staccatissimo symbol, which looks more than a small wedge. At this moment I achieve this with a simple markup: c^"|" but the line is too long. It would be far more elegant to have it in the font. (I know that adding new font items is a complicated task - but I think I could help with it) The symbol's meaning can vary - mostly I found it above notes which shall have some "extra weight". The figure I attached is very common. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at this time, so I can't provide original images now. But if you're interested in implementing this, I could see where I can get images.


PNG image

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