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feature request (\cueNotes)

From: Werner
Subject: feature request (\cueNotes)
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 09:51:23 +0000 (UTC)
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I really would be glad, if there was a possibility to make notes (including
heads, stems, beams, flags, slurs, clefs, accidentals, ...) smaller.

Unfortunately the \small, \tiny, \set fontSize commands don't affect all parts
of notes (beams, ... are not affected).

Something like
\cueNotes or just \cue with 

<< { a4 a a' a, }\\{ \cue { s4 s a s } } >>


<< { \ cue { es2~ es8 f 
% the following d4 could also be s4
d4 } } \\ { g8 a16 b c4. d8 d4 } >>

would be nice.
Or something like

\relative c
{ a4 b a b
\cueDuring { a a a a, } #UP { a' a a a } 

instead of the complicated

\relative c
{ a4 b a b
\cueDuring #"StichnotenEins" #UP { a' a a a } 
StichnotenEins = \relative c { a a a a, }
\addQuote "StichnotenEins" { \StichnotenEins }

Anybody, who could provide this? (I could pay something for that.)

Btw. - the first solution, a \cue command, which makes following musicexpression
smaller (notes, heads, flags AND beams, stems, accidentals, (clefs), ...) would
be much better than the second.

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