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Convert-ly rules for C++/Scheme predicates?

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Convert-ly rules for C++/Scheme predicates?
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 16:22:43 -0700
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I having trouble deciding what to do with this patch I posted a few
months ago:

Just to clarify, the renames are:

  dispatcher --> ly:dispatcher?
  listener --> ly:listener?

There are no other C++ predicate callbacks that have this problem.


Should I make convert-ly rules for them?

I'm leaning against it for the following reasons:

1) The chance that someone uses these predicates is *very* slim, since
there is minimal interaction with the Dispatcher and Listener classes
in LilyPond's Scheme code base.

2) They are documented in IR 4, but since they sit right at the top,
many people might consider them anomalies.  I remember when I first
noticed them, I thought they were bugs in the documentation.  :-)

3) They are exported to Scheme, but LilyPond's Scheme code base does
not even use them (yet).

4) Convert-ly rules for Scheme-only predicates are non-existent

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?  I want to get this taken
care of soon, but am (obviously) unsure of how to proceed.


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