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updating THANKS

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: updating THANKS
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 19:22:01 -0700 (PDT)

Hey guys,

here are some proposed updates for THANKS. I don't know who usually
takes care of this and/or who decides which names go where, but here are
some additions along with my best guesses for everyone's contribution
description. So, change it up, or whatever, but now everyone who's
submitted a patch during 2.13 appears below (I think). It's not in any
particular order and some names appear more than once. But it's
something to work with.

- Mark

Release 2.13


Han-Wen Nienhuys   - Core development
Jan Nieuwenhuizen  - Core development
Graham Percival    - Release Meister
Valentin Villenave - LSR Editor and Bug Meister
Mats Bengtsson     - Support Guru
John Mandereau     - Translation Meister
Trevor Daniels     - Documentation Editor


Carl Sorensen      - Fret diagrams, dashed slurs
Joe Neeman         - Vertical layout
Trevor Daniels     - Auto-beaming
Patrick McCarty    - SVG backend
Chris Snyder       - Lyric extenders
Reinhold Kainhofer - musicxml2ly development
Martin Tarenskeen  - MIDI
Neil Puttock       - Bugfixes
Michael Käppler    - Bugfixes
Andrew Hawryluk    - Bugfixes
Kurt Kroon         - Music glossary
Ralph Palmer       - Documentation Indexing
Jonathan Kulp      - Documentation
Simon Bailey       - Documentation
James E. Bailey    - Documentation
Kieren MacMillan   - Documentation
Maximilian Albert  - Documentation
Werner Lemberg     - Code cleanup
Mark Polesky       - Code cleanup


Francisco Vila
Jean-Charles Malahieude
Till Rettig
Yoshiki Sawada
Stefan Weil


Carl Sorensen     - Frog meister
Andrew Hawryluk
Andrew Wilson
Marek Klein
Ian Hulin
Frédéric Bron
Hajo Dezelski
Kieren MacMillan


Chris Snyder
David Kastrup
Karim Haddad
Mark Polesky
Martin Tarenskeen
Michael Käppler
Nick Payne

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