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Re: Main page of new website [was: some css tweaks]

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Main page of new website [was: some css tweaks]
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 18:26:08 +0200

Hi Jan,
Le jeudi 30 juillet 2009 à 15:45 +0200, Jan Nieuwenhuizen a écrit :
> Or just two very big (scalex4) glyphs, 
> clef+eight, flat/sharp + sixteenth?

This sounds better than a full bar of music: we don't want to make a
music piece so prominently, which could in particular distract the
reader, but we want to show the site is about music ntoation software
that focuses on typographic quality.

However, the glyphs you added are *a bit* too large...


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