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Re: difference betwwen \pad-around and \pad-markup?

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: difference betwwen \pad-around and \pad-markup?
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 09:27:54 -0700 (PDT)

Mark Polesky wrote:

> > Mark, do you want to take care of removing the \pad-markup command?
> > Please remember to add a convert-ly rule, and a NEWS item.
> These are things I've not done before, but perhaps I'll give it a
> try!

Okay, looking at earlier rules for guidance, I'm surprised to see so
many different formats for this. Here are some examples that I see
that I thought might
be similar to the convert-rule in question:

    str = str.replace ("setHairpinDim", "dimHairpin")
    str = re.sub (r"([\\:]+)center-align", r"\1center-column", str)
    str = re.sub (r"hcenter(\s+)", r"center-align\1", str)
    str = re.sub (r"([\\:])bigger", r"\1larger", str)

Are some of these better than others? Should some of these be changed?
I can guess what they all mean, but I don't know python, so I'll ask
someone to recommend one of the following (preferably with a little
explanation for future reference).

    str = str.replace ("pad-markup", "pad-around")
    str = re.sub (r"pad-markup(\s+)", r"pad-around\1", str)
    str = re.sub (r"([\\:])pad-markup", r"\1pad-around", str)
    str = re.sub (r"([\\:]+)pad-markup", r"\1pad-around", str)

- Mark


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