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Re: cross-staff versions of \arpeggioArrowUp etc.

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: cross-staff versions of \arpeggioArrowUp etc.
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 07:11:59 -0700 (PDT)

Joe Neeman wrote:

> There doesn't seem to be. As a workaround, you could add a context
> property called, say, "spanArpeggioInThisContext" and document somewhere
> that the \connectArpeggiosOn command works in the lowermost context
> where spanArpeggioInThisContext is true. This preserves the ability of
> the user to define their own contexts and it also allows the user to
> switch the arpeggio-connecting-context from, say, PianoStaff to Staff
> and back again while using mostly predefined commands.

I assume StaffGroup, PianoStaff, and GrandStaff would all have such
a context property set to #t as a default?

- Mark


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