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Re: does ancient music work correctly?

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: does ancient music work correctly?
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 10:25:12 -0700 (PDT)

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> ... (Ancient notation), I see that the very last note clashes
> with the final double barline.  Additionally, if I change the
> \paper section from ... ragged-right=##t ... to ...
> line-width=15\cm ... I see that the \finalis double line is two
> times positioned *before* the preceding note...

I think this is due to the kludgy extra-X-extent overrides in the
divisiones command definitions:;a=blob;f=ly/

Joe, could you take a look at this?

Actually, I was looking at this file about a month ago, and I
noticed another problem. I'm surprised to see that I didn't report

\break doesn't always work where you'd expect; this is because the
divisiones are breath marks not barlines. So doing "\finalis
\break" doesn't always work. In fact, the VaticanaVoice context
defaults to 4/4 time-signature, even though this is meaningless in
Gregorian Chant. So "\finalis \break" will only work if it happens
to land at a integer-value moment. I used this workaround:
  ancientBreak = { \bar "" \break }
Surely there's a better solution, but I don't know it.

- Mark


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