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Re: Does \hspace need a vertical extent?

From: Thomas Morgan
Subject: Re: Does \hspace need a vertical extent?
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 01:49:08 -0400
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Neil Puttock <address@hidden> writes:

> I agree, but I think this will have to wait until the chord naming
> code has been reworked since it appears to rely on \hspace having some
> vertical extent for correct positioning.

I'm not aware of this (though I don't doubt that you're right).
Could you give me an example?

>> but I'd also remove the comment above it:
>> ;; todo: fix negative space
> It doesn't look as if it's been fixed; it seems to me the problem is
> (cons amount amount) for negative arguments.

It works in the context of a `concat', so I think the problem is some
kind of interaction with `word-space'.

This file illustrates it:

\version "2.13.4"

%% Here the negative hspace works just as expected.
\markup {
  \column {
    \concat { I I I }
    \concat { I \hspace #0.9 I I }
    \concat { I \hspace #-0.9 I I }

%% But the negative hspace here has very little effect.
\markup {
  \column {
    \line { I I I }
    \line { I \hspace #0.9 I I }
    \line { I \hspace #-0.9 I I }

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