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Re: integration of general/web in main

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: integration of general/web in main
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 07:50:08 -0600

On 8/15/09 1:43 AM, "Jan Nieuwenhuizen" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Op vrijdag 14-08-2009 om 23:51 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef Graham
> Percival:
>> BTW, why don't we want to credit texinfo and texi2html?
>  - I would hardly want to advise others to use it.  For me personally
>    it is a maintenance nightmare that I would want to get rid of.
>    25.000 lines of questionable perl.  I cannot imagine that the
>    functionality we need could not be done in 2000 lines of
>    clean, maintainable python -- and we would hardly mention such
>    a possibly better solution on our site: made by
>    scripts/auxilar/ ?

I think that John Mandereau is working on the 2000 lines of python we would
need to parse texinfo.  We may be close to this in the next couple of


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